ATX Global Trading is an employee owned and operated company located in Austin, Texas. We are a global reseller of major OEM networking, telecom equipment and provider of asset management and recovery solutions.  Our goal is to provide customers from both the private and public sectors alike with innovative, environmentally responsible solutions for all their equipment needs.

ATX Global Trading specializes in equipment procurement; decommission management and responsible recycling, in order to provide our clients a full service, cradle to grave solution.  These services ensure our customers get the most efficient and successful experience possible.

ATX Global Trading guarantees that all used and end of life electronic equipment will be managed in an environmentally responsible manner, that the health and safety of our employees and the public will be protected throughout the entire process, and that all data on all media devices will remain secure until destroyed.

We offer the following services

  • Scheduled Electronic Recycling Collection

  • ​Inventory/Material scanning

  • ​Certificate of Destruction (COD)

  • ​Certificate of Recycling (COR)

  • ​Recycling Programs

Certified Electronics and Computer Recycling

  • Computer Recycling Service includes laptops, servers and other IT related equipment

  • Electronics disposal including pickups and loading services

  • Custom solutions to fit organizational needs (disposal, data destruction, hard drive crushing, asset liquidation)

Asset Disposal Management (IT Asset Disposal)

  • Client assets are documented for disposal verification

  • Check-in/Check-out asset verification with Certificates of Destruction (COD) or Certificate of Recycling (COR)

  • Certified recycling and data management

  • Onsite client inventory removal (onsite serial number recording for removal of inventory available)

Hard Drive Destruction & Data Sanitation

  • ​On site Hard Drive Shredding

  • Verified data destruction process

  • Assured data destruction through random spot check verification

  • Three pass wipe: US DoD 522.22-M


  • Client defined solutions

  • eCommerce sites direct to consumer

  • Material verification

  • Reclaimed parts