Non Ferrous Metals


Ferrous Metals

Cast Iron
Wrought Iron

ATX Global Trading Mission

Office / Business Equipment

Barcoding Devices
Floor Standing Copiers –Charge of $0.35 per lb
Photocopiers and Multi-Use Copiers
Point of Sale Equipment
Telephones and Telephone Equipment (business phones only)
Toner Cartridges (new and used)
Workgroup Printers
Workstations, Servers, RISC

The mission of ATX Global Trading is to be a provider of used electronic components and retail products. We support the reuse, reduce, and recycling of electronic components and retail products for customers. In Addition to protecting the environment and creating a positive long-term social, cultural, and economic benefit for the region and its people, employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

ATX Global Trading shares with the community important responsibilities toward the environment in which we live and work. We support the responsible stewardship of resources, including air, land, and water.  Responsible stewardship, combined with a continual improvement process, makes possible sustained economic development and an improved quality of life.

Acceptable Products

Computer Equipment

Accessories (Keyboards, Mice, Cables, Speakers)
Circuit Boards / Electronic Components
Computer Displays (LCD, LED, Plasma)
Laptop and Desktop Computers
Network / Communications Equipment (Routers, Switches, etc.)
Peripherals (Ink / LaserJet Printers, Scanners)
Servers, Racks, and Server Peripherals

Consumer Electronics / Media

Answering Machines
CD, DVD, Magnetic Tapes
Game Devices (Xbox, Play Station, Nintendo, etc.)
GPS Devices
Stereo Systems, Radios
Video Devices (Camera, VHS / DVD Players, etc.)